Bleak House

Gretchen Bates learns the fascinating history surrounding an antebellum mansion in Knoxville.

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Virtually every town in Tennessee became a battleground during the Civil War and Knoxville was no exception. Gretchen Bates take us to a Knoxville Mansion that was right in the middle of the fight.

Gretchen Bates joined Tennessee Crossroads in 2007 but had her first appearance on the show in 1991 when her community, The Farm, was featured on the show. Though born and raised in Lewis County, Gretchen left Tennessee to move to New York City and pursue a career in theatre. Highlights from her time in New York City include two summers at the Chautauqua Theatre, working with the Circe du Soleil, and seeing every show on Broadway. After six years on the stage in New York City, Gretchen returned home to Tennessee.

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