Spicer & Company

Meet a man who finds inspiration in the perfection of nature. Join Nashville Public Television’s Tennessee Crossroads to find out more about Spicer and Company.

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It's hard to be perfect...particularly if you're an artist making each of your pieces by hand. Still, perfections is the goal Stephen Spicer has set for himself; Spicer makes each piece of jewelry with the idea in mind that each piece should be perfect to its owner. Rob Wilds recently went to Cookeville to meet this man who finds inspiration in the perfection of nature.

Rob Wilds has been a part of the Tennessee Crossroads family since 1993. As one of our most frequent producers, and the recipient of several journalism awards throughout his various careers, Rob finds that the best reward for his work is meeting the fascinating people and visiting the interesting places he encounters in his travels. A presence in television, radio and print reporter for more than 20 years, Rob is a teacher, writer, producer and director as well as an actor (with appearances in feature films, television shows and on stage).

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