Cookie Jar Cafe

Rob Wilds heads to the Johnson Family Farm in Dunlap for some down home country cookin’.

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When you were a kid, did you ever get your hand caught in the cookie jar? The Cookie Jar was always a temptation since it probably contained something good...which is why The Cookie Jar restaurant in Dunlap is so aptly named. As Rob Wilds recently found out... there are always treats there for the palate and the eye.

Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10:30-8:00 CST Reservations are not required, but are recommended.

Rob Wilds has been a part of the Tennessee Crossroads family since 1993. As one of our most frequent producers, and the recipient of several journalism awards throughout his various careers, Rob finds that the best reward for his work is meeting the fascinating people and visiting the interesting places he encounters in his travels. A presence in television, radio and print reporter for more than 20 years, Rob is a teacher, writer, producer and director as well as an actor (with appearances in feature films, television shows and on stage).

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