Blythewood Inn Bed & Breakfast

The Blythewood Inn Bed and Breakfast provides a trip back to a quieter and more gracious time.

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Some Travelers like to go, go! and fill their vacations with exciting adventures from the time they leave their homes until the moment they return.. Others like to build in some time for peace and quiet, reflection and relaxation. If you are in the second group, you might want to check out the Blythewood (say the th) Inn. Rob Wilds is and did when he visited Columbia recently.

Rob Wilds has been a part of the Tennessee Crossroads family since 1993. As one of our most frequent producers, and the recipient of several journalism awards throughout his various careers, Rob finds that the best reward for his work is meeting the fascinating people and visiting the interesting places he encounters in his travels. A presence in television, radio and print reporter for more than 20 years, Rob is a teacher, writer, producer and director as well as an actor (with appearances in feature films, television shows and on stage).

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