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Omari Booker on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Omari Booker

Madison, TN

Laura Faber meets a talented mural artist in Madison.

Mollie Curlin Smith's Gingerbread Houses on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Mollie Curlin Smith’s Gingerbread Houses

Memphis, TN

Miranda Cohen travels to Memphis to meet a baker with a passion for making a classic holiday treats.

Twisted Copper Brewing Company on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Twisted Copper Brewing Company

Alamo, TN

Laura Faber meets some Maury County guys who turned their passion for brewing into a popular gathering spot.

Nashville Music Medics on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Nashville Music Medics

Nashville, TN

Miranda Cohen meets Nashville’s Music Medics. Some talented guys who practice some impressive musical medicine.

Beth Barnard Art on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Beth Barnard Art

Nashville, TN

Miranda Cohen explores the works of a portrait and figurative art sculptor in Nashville.

Blake Wylie Tintype Photography on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Blake Wylie Tintype Photography

Franklin, TN

Joe Elmore meets a Franklin man who loves old-time. low-tech photography.

Little Owl Craft Co on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Little Owl Craft Co

Murfreesboro, TN

Cindy Carter meets a family of artisans in Murfreesboro.

Tess Davies Mural Artist on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Tess Davies Mural Artist

Nashville, TN

Miranda Cohen explores the works of Tess Davies, Mural Artist.

Chuck Creasy

Chuck Creasy, Watercolor Artist

Hendersonville, TN

Cindy Carter learns how a Hendersonville man returned to his childhood artistic passion.

Tamara Gentuso

Tamara Gentuso, pottery artist

Nashville, TN

Joe Elmore profiles the creator of Nashville's monumental playscape.

Old Hickory Baseball Bat Co on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Old Hickory Baseball Bat Co

Goodlettsville, TN

Miranda Cohen discovers why a sporting goods company is a hit in the world of baseball.

Edwin Lockridge

Edwin Lockridge, artist

Nashville, TN

Joe Elmore profiles a talented, homeless Nashville artist