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Artists and Artisans

Walker Jewelry on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Walker Jewelry

Old Hickory, TN

Miranda Cohen meets an Old Hickory artist who can bring new life to old heirlooms.

Poppy and Peep on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Poppy and Peep

Nashville, TN

Miranda Cohen meets a father and daughter team with a sweet business.

Art of Michael Allison on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Art of Michael Allison

Joelton, TN

Laura Faber meets a mind-blowing glass artist in Joelton.

Southern Charm Bakery on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Southern Charm Bakery

White House, TN

Alex Denis satisfies her sweet tooth at the Southern Charm Bakery & Cupcakery.

Lucky Pearl Designs on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Lucky Pearl Designs

Lebanon, TN

Miranda Cohen visits a jewelry designer in Lebanon.

Pennington Distillery on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Pennington Distillery

Nashville, TN

Tennessee Whiskey has never been more popular, and with the growing number of new craft distilleries in this state, people are embracing it more than ever. Laura Faber takes us to a Davidson County distillery that is making award-winning spirits, and has a great love story behind it. Presented by Nashville Public Television.

Fanny and June Hats on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Fanny and June Hats

Nashville, TN

Miranda Cohen visits a Nashville hat maker.

Richard Bowers

Richard Bowers, Pencil Artist

Nashville, TN

Joe Elmore visits the home studio of pencil artist, Richard Bowers.

Orlinda Furniture Company on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Orlinda Furniture Company

Orlinda, TN

Joe Elmore discovers the rustic creativity at Orlinda Furniture Company.

Audrey Deal-McEver Pottery on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Audrey Deal-McEver Pottery

Nashville, TN

It's the dream of every aspiring artist, to someday make a living just by making art. It's an often elusive dream, but one that Audrey Deal-McEver achieved, all thanks to talent, hard work and non-stop learning. Here's a profile of the Nashville, TN artist who reaching success and notoriety in the world of ceramic pottery. Join us on Tennessee Crossroads and Nashville Public Television to find out more.

Apple Doll Carver on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Apple Doll Carver

Giles County, TN

Whistle your way over to West Tennessee where we visit a unique artist with a peculiar medium - see how an artist carves dolls from one of Tennessee’s most popular fruits - the apple.

Typewriter Collector Kirk Jackson on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Typewriter Collector Kirk Jackson

Goodlettsville, TN

Once in a while, old technology enjoys a comeback, thanks to new, younger audiences. Take the vinyl LP record, for example. Well next look out for the return of the manual typewriter. Hard to believe in this electric-powered, digital world of ours. However, there's a young Goodlettsville, TN man who's playing a big part in the typewriter' revival. Join us on Tennessee Crossroads and Nashville Public Television to find out more.