Episode 3533

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Tennessee Crossroads

March 24, 2022

Season 35 | Episode 33

Cindy Carter explores the Commodore Hotel in the town of Linden. Tammi Arender meets Nashville’s Anne of all Trades. Miranda Cohen samples some major league BBQ in Springfield. And Joe Elmore discover the comeback of the simple pencil in Shelbyville.

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Commodore Hotel & Cafe on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Commodore Hotel & Cafe

Linden, TN

Cindy Carter checks into the Commodore Hotel in Linden.

Anne of All Trades on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Anne of All Trades

Nashville, TN

‘Anne of all Trades” is a Nashville woman who has decided to make it her life’s mission to work with her hands and teach others disappearing life skills like woodworking and blacksmithing.

Willie Mae's BBQ on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Willie Mae’s BBQ

Springfield, TN

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name "Willie Mae's?" You're probably thinking about baseball, right? Well, for folks in Springfield, another "B" word might take take the top spot: BARBECUE! Miranda Cohen visited a popular restaurant there recently. And from all accounts, when it comes to barbeque, Willie Mae's knocks it out of the park! Join Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads to find out more about Willie Mae's BBQ.

Musgrave Pencils on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Musgrave Pencils

Shelbyville, TN

There's a Tennessee company celebrating it's 100th anniversary this year - the Musgrave Pencil Company in Shelbyville, TN that has stood the test of time and technology, as a leading manufacturer of good old, wood case pencils. Tennessee Crossroads visits their factory to see how it's done. Join Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads to find out more.