Episode 3512

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Tennessee Crossroads

October 07, 2021

Season 35 | Episode 12

Laura Faber tours Loretta Lynn's ranch. Joe Elmore makes a return trip to Helen's Bbq in Brownsville. Ed Jones spotlights artist David Arms. Ken Wilshire samples the sweet treats at B's Cheesecakes in Clarksville.

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Loretta Lynn's Ranch on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Loretta Lynn’s Ranch

Hurricane Mills, TN

Laura Faber tours Loretta Lynn's ranch.

Helen's Bar BQ on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Helen’s Bar BQ

Brownsville, TN

Joe Elmore makes a return trip to Helen's Bbq in Brownsville.

David Arms Gallery on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

David Arms Gallery

Franklin, TN

Few things have the power to affect us the way art and literature can. Images and words can inspire greatness, cause despair or bring us joy. Recently, Tennessee Crossroads' Ed Jones met a Leiper's Fork, TN artist who combines images and the written word to bring about a sense of peace in the viewer. Join Nashville Public Television to learn more about the story of David Arms.

B's Cheesecakes on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

B’s Cheesecakes

Clarksville, TN

When it comes to topping off a really good meal, there are a few classic deserts that are staples on most menus. Tennessee Crossroads visited a Clarksville, TN couple who truly “take the cake” -- cheesecake that is -- when it comes to their passion for these sweet treats. Watch this and more episode segments of Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads.