Episode 3413

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Tennessee Crossroads

October 08, 2020

Season 34 | Episode 13

This week on Tennessee Crossroads, Cindy Carter finds out what's buzzing with a Nashville Artist. Gretchen Bates steps back in time at a general store in Ethridge, Tennessee. Joe Elmore visits a Lebanon museum dedicated to local heroes. Ken Wilshire visits a Hendersonville couple who spend their days building bikes that drive like cars. Brought to you by Nashville Public Television.

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Beeswax Artist on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Beeswax Artist

Leiper’s Fork, TN

This time on Tennessee Crossroads, we visit a Nashville artist who depends on insects for his medium. Let's see what the buzz is all about. Join us on Tennessee Crossroads and Nashville Public Television to find out more.

Ike's Amish Depot and General Store on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Ike’s Amish Depot and General Store

Ethridge, TN

It boggles the mind when you think about how much our world has changed in the last few decades. Nowadays, you can get just about anything you want delivered to your front door. Not so long ago, especially out in the country, you considered yourself lucky to have a general store nearby for essentials. Join Tennessee Crossroads and Gretchen Bates as we discover that the folks in Etheridge, TN still count themselves lucky every time they walk through the door at Ike's Amish Depot.

Wilson County Military Museum on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Wilson County Military Museum

Lebanon, TN

There are numerous military museums that pay tribute to defenders of American freedom. Wilson County, TN has a fairly new one called Wilson County, TN Military Museum that pays tribute to its own local veterans. Their own artifacts, uniforms and other elements make for a very moving, very personalized experience. Watch this and more episode segments of Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads.

Rhoades Cars on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Rhoades Cars

Hendersonville, TN

It seems like bicycles have been around for ages and you’ll find all ages riding them these days for exercise, recreation and a fun, healthy way to reach one’s destination. Tennessee Crossroads found a place in Hendersonville, TN where the bicycle as we have known it has evolved into something to take us down a new road to the future. Join Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads to find out more about Rhoades Cars.