Episode 3230

Tennessee Crossroads

January 24, 2019

Season 32 | Episode 30

On Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads, check out this special episode of Keep Crossroads Travelin'! Tammi Arender takes you to the Country Boy Restaurant in Leipers Fork. Danielle Allen takes a spin through the Children's Museum of Memphis, and Joe Elmore makes a return trip to a Columbia park where club engineers take no small amount of joy in riding the rails.

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Children's Museum of Memphis on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Children’s Museum of Memphis

Memphis, TN

Kids spend way too much time these days staring at screens for fun , but Tennessee Crossroads excluded! Tennessee Crossroads found the Children's Museum of Memphis, TN that not only makes youngsters forget about their phones, but also teaches them something in the process. Watch this and more episode segments of Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads.

The Country Boy Restaurant on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

The Country Boy Restaurant

Franklin, TN

Sometimes a bit of nostalgia can be the best seasoning for a meal. That’s true for the country boy restaurant in Leipers Fork, TN. As Tennessee Crossroads found out, a couple who’s not even originally from Tennessee, decided to bring this iconic little diner back to life as Country Boy Restaurant. Watch this and more episode segments of Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads.

Mid-South Live Steamers on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Mid-South Live Steamers

Columbia, TN

Early in 2014, Crossroads aired a special called "Riding the Rails." The show is all about railroad culture in Tennessee and features our visit with a group called the MN Steamers. Recently we made a return trip to the Columbia, TN park where club member engineers were sharing the joy of riding the rails, in a small way. Join Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads to find out more about Mid-South Live Steamers.