Episode 3141

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Tennessee Crossroads

April 12, 2018

Season 31 | Episode 41

On Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads, we explore the restored Amqui Train Station in Madison. Jessica Turk shares the emotional story behind Violins of Hope. In Tullahoma, Rob Wilds visits a museum dedicated to a small plane that made a huge impact on air travel. Ken Wilshire finds a bakery in Clarksville that offers locals a taste of Bavaria in their own backyard.

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Amqui Station on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Amqui Station

Madison, TN

Tennessee Crossroads stops in the suburban community of Madison, TN, just above Nashville. A place where, like most towns in Tennessee, you can’t catch a train anymore. But, you can explore the old Amqui Train Station, all thanks to some steadfast volunteers and a little help from a country music legend.

Violins of Hope on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Violins of Hope

Nashville, TN

In the city of Nashville, there is no shortage of well-crafted instruments. Ask any musician and they’ll tell you that a handcrafted instrument has its own personality and individual voice. In this story you’ll see a collection of violins who all share a sad history. Violins that were played by Jewish musicians during the Holocaust. Tennessee Crossroads' Jessica Turk takes us on a tour of the Violins of Hope exhibit and shows us how instruments speak for those that no longer can and inspire the rest of us to say never again. Join Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads to find out more.

Silke's Bakery and Cafe on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Silke’s Bakery and Cafe

Clarksville, TN

There's a cafe in Clarksville, TN that not only has art on the walls and shelves but on their plates as well. Tennessee Crossroads paid a visit to Silke's Bakery and Cafe and found true European fare and flare. Join Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads to find out more about Silke's Bakery and Cafe.

Beechcraft Heritage Museum on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Beechcraft Heritage Museum

Tullahoma, TN

Around our state are all kinds of museums dedicated to preserving many different artifacts. One Tennessee museum may be unique in the country, since it is dedicated to preserving the memory of one particular brand of Airplane. Tennessee Crossroads takes us on a visit to the Beechcraft Heritage Museum in Tullahoma, TN. Watch this and more episode segments of Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads.