Episode 3035

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Tennessee Crossroads

March 02, 2017

Season 30 | Episode 35

On this week's episode of Tennessee Crossroads, Susan Watson takes us on a tour of Nashville’s 8th Avenue Reservoir. Joe Elmore revisits the town of Eads and chats with a talented maker of miniature arts. Ken Wilshire heads to Cleveland for a taste of the Wild West. Al Voecks relives a musical memory from Dickson in 1990.

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Grand Old Hatchery Flashback on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Grand Old Hatchery Flashback

Dickson, TN

Al Voecks relives a musical memory from 1990 in Dickson, TN.

8th Avenue Reservoir on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

8th Avenue Reservoir

Nashville, TN

Tennessee Crossroads takes us on a tour of Nashville’s 8th Avenue Reservoir and learns that the city’s water supply has to meet more stringent criteria than bottled water producers.

Bald Headed Bistro on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Bald Headed Bistro

Cleveland, TN

We take pride in taking you places around the state that offer wonderful dining experiences, and for the most part the foods we find are truly Southern. Tennessee Crossroads found an unbelievable place in Cleveland, TN that provides a taste of the Wild West with all the trimmings. It's located in an unique setting with a casual environment and Western Flare.

Simon Jackson - Miniature Artist on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Simon Jackson – Miniature Artist

Eads, TN

We first visited Simon Jackson back in 1992. The rural Fayette County, TN artist showed his talent for recreating barns, homesteads and other buildings. On our follow-up visit, more than 20 years later, we discovered that Simon is on a new creative mission. He's replicating miniature military rifles from America's war history. It's a fascinating story of a humble, yet extremely-talented artist who loves new "small" challenges Join Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads to find out more about Simon Jackson - Miniature Artist.