Episode 3336

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Tennessee Crossroads

May 14, 2020

Season 33 | Episode 36

This week on Tennessee Crossroads, find a cure for your sweet tooth at B's Cheesecakes in Clarksville. Meet a woodcarver in Columbia who makes spectacular spoons. And round out your adventure with a trip to Lebanon where we meet a man who specializes in casting cars for films. Join us on Tennessee Crossroads and Nashville Public Television to find out more.

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B's Cheesecakes on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

B’s Cheesecakes

Clarksville, TN

When it comes to topping off a really good meal, there are a few classic deserts that are staples on most menus. Tennessee Crossroads visited a Clarksville, TN couple who truly “take the cake” -- cheesecake that is -- when it comes to their passion for these sweet treats. Watch this and more episode segments of Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads.

Billy Roy Parks Woodcarver on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Billy Roy Parks Woodcarver

Columbia, TN

Gretchen Bates recently paid a visit to a farmer in Columbia who's carved out quite a niche for himself by whittling a collection of artwork more than seven decades in the making.

Ragtop Picture Cars on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Ragtop Picture Cars

Lebanon, TN

Many of us have been watching a movie when a car in the picture catched our eye. Maybe it was the exact car you drove to the senior prom or the hot car you wished you could have. And if you've ever wondered how that car wound up in that movie watch Tennessee Crossroads as we introduce you to David Tinsley of Lebanon, TN, the man movie makers call when they simply must have the right vehicle for their film. Join Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads to find out more.