Episode 3129

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Tennessee Crossroads

January 18, 2018

Season 31 | Episode 29

Rob Wilds takes us to a museum in Nashville that offers a glimpse into the life of legendary singer Patsy Cline (Archival footage supplied courtesy of Clear Cut Inc). Danielle Allen introduces us to a man in Hamphsire who salvages old pieces of wood and furniture and re-imagines them as one-of-a-kind art pieces. Joe Elmore travels to Manchester and dines at a 52-year-old family restaurant.

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Jiffy Burger on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Jiffy Burger

Manchester, TN

Sometimes you just gotta leave your healthy diet at home and take a road trip to one of those out-of-the-way mom and pop cafes. The kind of place where the burgers are delicious, the prices are right and the people are fun and friendly. Our latest such find takes us to Manchester, TN where a former mayor and his family keep a 52-year tradition alive and sizzling. Join Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads to find out more.

Patsy Cline Museum on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Patsy Cline Museum

Nashville, TN

It usually takes a great voice to become a singing star, but it takes something more to become a singing legend. If you made a list of legendary singers, Patsy Cline would be on it. Appreciation for her talent continues to grow, even though she died more than half a century ago. Now there's a place to get a sense of who Patsy Cline the singer, the wife, and the mother was. Tennessee Crossroads takes us to the Patsy Cline Museum in Nashville, TN. Watch this and more episode segments of Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads.

Copperhead Creek Carpentry & Studio on NPT's Tennessee Crossroads

Copperhead Creek Carpentry & Studio

Hampshire, TN

Nowadays, there's a deepening appreciation for old stuff, and that especially holds true for artists and craftsmen. It's called creative re-use, or up-cycling. Tennessee Crossroads introduces us to a place in Hamphsire, TN called Copperhead Creek Carpentry & Studio where old pieces of wood and furniture are re-imagined and made into one of a kind art pieces. Join Nashville Public Television's Tennessee Crossroads to find out more.